Freaky Fish DX Released

We have released a deluxe version of our 4k Commodore 64 game “Freaky Fish”, adding a completely rewritten the game engine, new graphics, bonus levels, original music and much more!

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Dodonuts: Extended Play Released

We have released an extended version of our 4k Commodore 64 game “Dodonuts”, adding the following new features and improvements to the original:

  • An extra 8 new hard levels with some new graphics - best played with a joystick!
  • Use the run/stop key to pause the game.
  • An extra life awarded every 5,000 points.
  • Improved platform graphics.
  • More background graphics.
  • Better NTSC support.
  • Improved duck brains resulting in a more annoying duck.
  • Title music.
  • A custom font.
  • Faster decruncher.
  • A CGA tribute level.

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New C64 Games Released

The Reset64 Commodore 64 4k Games Competition deadline as passed and the games that we have entered in the competition have been officially released. The games that we have made this time are:

The games are also available at our page on CSDb.

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Preview of Freaky Fish Enhanced Edition

We have released a preview of the enhanced version of Freaky Fish on our devlog at the games page. This is a rewritten an updated version of the game with our newest Commodore 64 game engine and using lots of leftover assets from the 4k competition version.

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